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Redi-Made Frames
Custom Framing
[Hundreds of Samples to Select From]
Shadow boxes*
Needlework Stretched
Paintings Stretched

*We have framed military medals, flags, icons, sailing ships, hockey sticks, keepsake and professional jerseys, masks, puppets, and jewelry. The design of a shadow box should reflect not only the subject but its period and history as well.

Any art under glass should be mounted on acid-free backing and displayed under u-v glass. We only use archival products.

All objects are treated with the utmost care throughout the production process.


Paintings Patched and Cleaned**
Watercolors Decontaminated and Touched-up
19th Century Convex Photos Restored and Enhanced
Flat Photos Restored

**Old paintings may be contaminated with kerosene, wood fire and cooking smoke. Sometimes the removal of yellowed varnish reveals details not seen for decades.

Silverfish are the enemy to paper. They can do as much damage as mildew. Paper patching and de-contamination are an essential part of the restoration process.